Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Musings

I went to the Plano "Labor Lof Love" Quilt show on Saturday and met the DFW gang there. Besides me, Debi, TexasJan, Sallie and Brenda were there along with Maynard, TexasJan's husband. He quilts with Jan and is pretty darn good at picking out fabric also. Shelly was there too, but she was actually working in the Texas Quiltworks booth. I had a blast. I saw lots of pretty quilts and even managed to buy a few things, which wasn't so hard. :) After the show, we all went to lunch and Sallie brought Debi the comfort quilt that the ladies of the Quilting Passion forum made her. It is a beautiful blue and yellow quilt and I think she really, really liked it. It was great seeing the ladies again and going to a quilt show. I hadn't been to one in quite a while, so I was overdue. Maynard gave us all the neatest handmade pens that he made. Thank you, Maynard and Jan! Debi presented us with a challenge as we officially declared ourselves a guild. She gave us all 4 FQ's......a focus fabric, a coordinating fabric and 2 background fabrics. We are to make one pieced and one applique (groan) block and return them to her. She is then going to put the top together, quilt it and donate it to the East Texas Project Linus in our group's name. How cool is that?? Now, to think of blocks to make.

My dear hubby has been down all weekend with a nasty stomach bug. He is not sick very often and he has felt bad all weekend. He is very good at helping me with the housework and all, so I have had more to do this weekend, like taking out the trash which he usually does. I drew the line at going to Wal-Mart though. Not with school starting tomorrow and all the last minute shoppers! No way! Whatever is needed from there will just have to wait! Surely, he will be better tomorrow though. I made him some yummy potato soup after church today and that made me long for some cooler weather. Making potato soup in 98 degree weather just isn't right! :) Know what I mean??

Speaking of school starting tomorrow.......all of my grandchildren are going back to school tomorrow. Austin, my youngest grandson will be in kindergarten. Brandon will be in 4th grade and my wee Val will be in 7th grade. Wow! I am either getting old or I started grandmotherhood really early. Hee-Hee!

The next few months are going to be really busy for me at work. I work for a home health agency and we are going to a whole new software application with which to generate nurse notes, bill, etc. For some unknown reason, our agency director has made me (rolling eyes) the project lead! So, that means lots of phone calls/prep work ahead of the company coming out to Greenville to set up our dictionaries and stuff. I am usually off on Fridays, but I foresee a few Fridays in my future between and now the "go live" date of Dec. 1. I printed off 245 pages of instructions for various components of the application the other day and almost got sick. That is not my idea of light reading!! But, I suppose we shall get through it and one of these days all the before work will be just a memory and hopefully not a bad one!

I better go tackle that basket of towels. They haven't learned to fold themselves yet, but I keep hoping they will. :)

Make it a great day!


katelnorth said...

Hi Jan - guess what? Your name came out of the hat for my blogversary draw, so if you send me your snail mail address I will put a postcard into the post for you!

JanJ said...

WooHoo! How neat!! Thanks for drawing my name. I will email you my snail mail. I hope you are having a great vacation witn Cathi.

Jan said...

Hello fellow guild member--isn't this fun? Good luck with the changeover to electronic medical records! I know you can do it!

Debi said...

Sounds like you are in for a hectic time. I wish you luck with the project. I hope Travis is feeling better today.

JanJ said...

Thanks Jan! I think we are going to need it. We have been using the system we have for 10 years and I remember that a lot of the nurses griped and grumbled about going to that system 10 years ago. They wanted to keep doing handwritten notes! I have no clue why.

JanJ said...

Thanks, I hope it isn't too hetic. Travis attempted to go to work today, but had to come home. He was still pretty weak. I think he'll do better tomorrow.