Friday, August 24, 2007

A Boot..........but not for walking

I wanted to show you all a picture of a little cowboy boot wallhanging that I made. I got this little kit at the Dallas Quilt show last year and made it up for my husband, Travis. Travis loves anything western and he liked this little wallhanging too. I have a collection of 30+ cowboy boot blocks from a swap that is on my list to get made into a quilt just for Travis.
Austin is spending the day with me again as his school is closed today. I am planning on doing some sewing after I do some housework this morning. He can entertain himself now so he shouldn't be a problem.
I do enjoy him spending Fridays with me and he won't be able to anymore after today as school starts on Monday. I won't get to spend the day with him anymore unless it is on Saturday or school is out.
Buddy continues to improve. He is still a bit swollen over his liver area, but his appetite is back and he is barking again and interested in what is going on. I am tempted to take him for a second round of tests, except it costs so much. Blood work and x-rays for dogs is darn near as expensive as it is for us.
Make it a great day!


Debi said...

Those boots scream "TEXAS". I am sure Travis is going to love this quilt. I can wait to see you tomorrow at the quilt show.

JanJ said...

Thank you, Debi. Yes, I think he will love it too.