Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Christmas and Other Things

I was thinking about Christmas coming up at work today and wanted to post a pic of a quilt I made last year. It is called My Brick Road to Christmas. I used the YBR pattern and I really like it. I sent it to Valerie Bradley to be quilted and she did a wonderful job of quilting it. I can't wait to actually use it this year. My oldest daughter, Stefani who does not like quilts even liked this one. She asked me could she have it and I told her I'd leave it in the will for her. :) Some of you have probably seen it partially finished, but here it is completely finished.

Here it is Wednesday and I haven't sewn anything since Sunday. Sometimes, I don't sew any during the week, but I usually always do something on the weekend pertaining to quilting. I might work until 7 at night some nights, so am usually pooped when I get home. I need to retire, I need to retire. :)

I'm looking forward to going to the Plano Quilt Show on the 25th and seeing Jan, Debi, Brenda, Sallie and whoever else comes again. I didn't get to go to the big Dallas show this year, so this will be a treat.

I had to play vet before I ever left for work this morning. Our mutt dog, Jax, who is a REAL sweetheart was just not acting like Jax. I know everyone of my pets habits and how they act from day to day, (but try to convince my hubby of that) like most pet owners and I knew something was wrong with him. When I went to check him over, he had no Jax spark in his beautiful amber eyes. Don't you wish your pets could talk sometimes and tell you what it wrong? Anyway, after a cursory check I knew it was his paw, but couldn't really tell what was wrong, but it was bleeding. I checked for snakebite as we have seen too many copperheads and water moccasins this year. I finally decided that he somehow cut his paw between 2 toes and it must have smarted good. I doused it with hydrogen peroxide and he was licking it all off when I left. He is limping like crazy tonight when he isn't just holding that leg up, but he had some spark back in his eyes tonight. He should be fine in a day or two.

Make it a great day!


Debi said...

Your Christmas quilt is very pretty. I have the YBR pattern but have not used it yet!

JanJ said...

Thanks, Debi! It's super easy and fast! I am planning a western YBR someday.

Jan said...

Your Christmas YBR is so nice--you did a great job with it. I hope Jax will feel better soon--you are right--we can tell when they don't feel good!

JanJ said...

Thanks Jan! I think it is my favorite one I have done so far.
I checked on Jax a bit ago and he's curled up on the back porch nursing his ouchie. Poor baby! He'll bounce back though.