Monday, August 27, 2007

Coffee Thoughts

Right now it is 6:30 a.m. here in NE Texas and I am sitting here with a cup of coffee attempting to wake up so I can go to work. I was thinking I would love to be drinking an early morning cup of coffee in the mountains, watching the sun come up. My dear hubby and I have been talking about going out to Colorado soon. We didn't go this summer, but I sure need me a "mountain fix" and I think he does to. :) We are going to have to do some serious talking about it this very week and firm up some half made plans.

I didn't get any quilting done this weekend. I meant to, but kept getting waylaid. I did however get my refrigerator and stove thoroughly cleaned. That made me feel good that I had that chore out of the way again. I am in the process of finishing packing up all of Austin's toys that got left here when he and his mom moved out. How can one child have soooooo many toys?? I worked on that too this weekend. Most of them are going straight to Goodwill as he hasn't played with them in years, but a few will be going back to him. I will keep a few here for him to play with when he is here also.

Ok, make it a great day!


Jan said...

Jan--the mountains sound wonderful about right now!

JanJ said...

Yep, they do sound wonderful! I hope we can go soon.