Friday, August 17, 2007

I spent the day today with my grandson, Austin. I had fun, but boy am I tired! He is so full of energy. We went shopping for school clothes and a new toy. I think we stood in the toy section at Wal-Mart for an hour at least. He could not decide if he wanted a new Transformer, Ben-Ten, Power Ranger or Star Wars toy. He finally, finally decided on a Star Wars transformer. We had breakfast at McDonald's before we went shopping. He ate a hash brown, 1 and a half sausage patties, 1 pancake and some of my eggs with chocolate milk. He can already put away the food. His mother will be at her wit's end in a few years if I remember correctly. :)

I was planning on going to the Quilt Mercantile as he has been there with me before, but after spending so long in the toy section, I decided to just come home. We played with his new toy and goofed around the rest of the afternoon until he had to go home.

I need to get to work on finishing his Spiderman quilt that I am making for him. He has his room decorated in Spiderman. I found some pillow panels on Ebay and am making him a quilt out them. The top is finished, just needs to be quilted and the binding put on. I am not good at machine quilting, so I may practice on something else first before I attempt his Spiderman quilt. I think I'll practice on a new throw for Buddy. He won't mind if the quilting is not too good. :)

I love that we are getting some rain again. I know they don't need it down in the Hill country and down around Houston, but we did. Plus, it keeps the temp down below 100, which is always good in Texas.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and do some quilting!

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