Thursday, August 30, 2007

Challenge Fabric

Here is a picture of 4 fabrics that I received on Saturday at the Plano Quilt Show. Each lady in the DFW GANG received the same fabrics, except for the coordinating color. I got a golden yellow which is very pretty. I am to make one 12" pieced block and one 12" appliqued block by Oct. 1st. The blocks will then be put together, quilted and donated to the East Texas Project Linus. Any suggestions from anyone as to the applique block? I think I know which pieced block I am going to do.
I was going to post these earlier in the week......but ya laid plans and all. :) I have a HUGE project starting at work and have already been busy with that this week. I like knowing that my director thinks I am capable, but I hate the stress. It's a cache 22 I do believe.

Update on my Buddy: Well, he seems to be back to his old normal self. Now, that is absolutely great news, but I would like to know what made him so ill in the first place. Maybe I will never know. However, I sure I glad to see him healthy again! Cooper is glad too! He has his playmate back.

Make it a great day!


swooze said...

I actually know what applique block I will do but not the pieced! I need to get cracking on this too!

JanJ said...

Hi Swooze! LOL! I don't do much applique anymore, but I guess I'll have to sharpen my rusty skills on this one. Just gotta think of a block first.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tracy said...

I don't do applique, but could you do a gold fish on the bluue background? I can't wait to see the blocks.

JanJ said...

Thanks for the idea, Tracy! I will keep that in mind, especially since this is going to be a child's quilt. Have a great day and thanks also for stopping by.