Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Introduction to Quilting

I got into quilting around 1988. I went to a church where some older ladies got together on Thursday morning in the church's family center and quilted. There were 4 or 5 younger ladies (myself included) who were interested and asked if we could join them. They graciously said yes and after some discussion decided to teach us to quilt using the "quilt as you go" method which Georgia Bobesteel had written about. They decided we would use the Dresden Plate pattern. We all went shopping for fabric, scissors, pins, thread.......everything we would need. These older ladies were not into rotary cutting, so we cut all those blades out with a template. Ugh! We would meet every Thursday morning and work on our quilts. Everyone of us finished one. I was so proud of mine and was hooked on quilting. I made a few more quilts, mostly baby quilts and then took a long hiatus from quilting due to the death of my son. I got back into quilting around 1995 and realized right away that those little old ladies (sweet as they were) had not taught us a lot of things a consistent 1/4" seam. I started from scratch, relearning so that I would be doing it right. I was much more serious this time around and wanted to make quilts that would last for years and not just through a few washings! I love is more than a pasttime for me as it is for most quilters. I still have that Dresden Plate, but I know that it is not going to be an heirloom and that there are lots and lots of mistakes in it. I keep it so I can compare my quilting now with my quilting then. I was going to post a picture of it, but I can't seem to find one on my computer. I'll have to look for one or take another one. Anyway, that is the skinny on how I got into quilting!

Make it a great day!

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