Friday, November 23, 2007

Ornament Mat......and Other Things

Wow!! I didn't realize that I hadn't posted in so long a time!! I have been busy and I guess time just passed by faster than I thought.

Anyway, here is a picture of one of the little Ornament Mats that I made. I did not do a Christmas theme.......but, rather a fall theme for Thanksgiving. I also did not use flannel as the lining, but used muslin instead. I needed to practice my free motion quilting, so I free motioned quilted the mat with gold metallic thread. I thought it turned out okay. I put it on my dining table with a ceramic pumpkin on it. You can't see the quilting in the picture, but it is there. :)

Tomorrow, the Christmas tree is going to be put up and some of my Santa collection. I don't think I'll put them all out.........just some of them. Now, to find some time to go Christmas shopping for everyone.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the holiday weekend and make it a great day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Back Home Again!

Yay!! I got to bring the big guy home yesterday evening from the hospital! He and I were both soooooo glad that he got to come home. We still don't know what its wrong exactly, but should find out soon. They did an MRI yesterday before he left, so maybe it won't be long until we can have the results. We do know he did not have a heart attack, anuerysm or pulmonary embolism. WHEW!! Any of those would be bad, so I am very grateful. He did give us a scare and I threatened him should he do that again! :)

Friday afternoon I actually sewed a bit........I made a Christmas Ornament table mat, like Texas Jan ( made. I was planning on making some more Saturday and making a whole table runner from them......but, that did not happen! I had the next one all laid out on the ironing board and it is still there! I'll try to finish them this weekend and post a pic! It sewed up really easily and I am anxious to finish at least one runner for the holidays.

I am just sick when I see the price of gas keep going up and up. It seems so ridiculous and I am hearing stories of people having to stop buying necessities to pay for gas or having to quit their jobs because they can't afford gas anymore. It's just not right. Something needs to change.

Okay, enough of that.......make it a great evening!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Husbands......A Stubborn Lot!

I have spent the weekend in the hospital with my husband. He is much better, but he sure gave me a scare!

He has been feeling bad for a couple of weeks, but he only told me about it last weekend. So, Monday morning (Oct. 29th) I made him a drs. appt. He was diagnosed with bronchitis/pluerisy. I thought okay........maybe that's why his back/arm are hurting so. The back/arm pain is why he went to the dr. He has been hurting on the left side right by his left shoulder balde, midway and radiating down his left arm. We also thought he might have a little cric in that muscle by the shoulder blade. However, the dr did no give him anything for that. He hurt all week, so Friday I was going to make him another appt, but he called me from work (hasn't missed any work) and said not to.......that it might be a bit better. So, I didn't. He had a horrible night Friday night, so Saturday morning I told him to go to the Sat. morning clinic and let someone see him. He went and came back home rather fast. He said they would not see him when they heard his symptoms because they are cardiac also. They told him to go to the ER. I called my nurse daughter and was talking to her when he told us he threw up on the way home! Stefani said, "Mom, get him to the ER now." So, I took him. They called him straight back, started an IV right away and a dr. came in to talk to us. They had him in a little bitty room which is like an urgent care, but not ER. Around 5-10 minutes after starting the IV, which was very, very messy because he bled everywhere, the dr was talking to him and I noticed he didn't seem to be paying any attention and next thing I know, his head falls over and the nurse is over him, yelling at him, dropping his bed down so his head is lower than his feet and the dr is grabbing things. I stepped around the corner to call Stefani and she assured me she was on her way. I couldn't get hold of our younger daughter, so I wanted her to try for me. I go back around the corner and Travis is gone!! I looked in the next cubicle and was turning around looking when someone told me they took him to a bigger room to have room to work. I went in there and there are 6-7 people in there, starting more IV's and stuff. They had stabilzed him, but they told me he would not be going home today! His blood pressure dropped from 149/105 to 70/50 in 3 seconds time. He was in extreme pain, sweating, short of breath. They drew lab, had an x-ray done, gave him some nitro and morphine. Our girls finally arrived, the youngest bawling her eyes out. I had to tell her to get ahold of herself.....that her daddy was okay and she could not do this in front of him! We got moved to a room finally and they continued over the weekend, doing blood work and EKG's. There was talk of moving him to Dallas because our hospital does not have a cardiac unit, but since he was stable we stayed in Greenville. His blood work and cat scan showed no evidence of a heart attack, no pulmonary emboli and no anuerysm, which were 2 things that had been thrown out to us also. He is feeling better and is ready to come home. He is seeing a cardiologist this morning and we will go from there as to whether he will have more testing done. I plan on bring him home today and then taking a long, long nap!!

OK....make it a great day everyone!