Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Back Home Again!

Yay!! I got to bring the big guy home yesterday evening from the hospital! He and I were both soooooo glad that he got to come home. We still don't know what its wrong exactly, but should find out soon. They did an MRI yesterday before he left, so maybe it won't be long until we can have the results. We do know he did not have a heart attack, anuerysm or pulmonary embolism. WHEW!! Any of those would be bad, so I am very grateful. He did give us a scare and I threatened him should he do that again! :)

Friday afternoon I actually sewed a bit........I made a Christmas Ornament table mat, like Texas Jan ( made. I was planning on making some more Saturday and making a whole table runner from them......but, that did not happen! I had the next one all laid out on the ironing board and it is still there! I'll try to finish them this weekend and post a pic! It sewed up really easily and I am anxious to finish at least one runner for the holidays.

I am just sick when I see the price of gas keep going up and up. It seems so ridiculous and I am hearing stories of people having to stop buying necessities to pay for gas or having to quit their jobs because they can't afford gas anymore. It's just not right. Something needs to change.

Okay, enough of that.......make it a great evening!


Debi said...

Jan, so glad Travis is back home. I hope he is feeling better.

swooze said...

Oh good. Glad he is home. Hope whatever it is can easily be fixed.