Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Few Thoughts

My last post regarding the wedding reception was pretty brief, I realized later. So, here are a few more random thoughts.

I don't think my feet have ever hurt so much!! We (me, hubby, oldest daughter, best friend, son-in-law) worked for hours Friday to decorate the fellowship hall at the church for the reception. Before we started we had to move loads of stuff that was stored in that area of the church! My poor hubby thought he had been transformed into a pack mule. And, then all that walking and standing on concrete did a number on my feet! I could hardly sleep Friday night after we got home.

It was not a perfect reception, as we had a glitch or two. Hopefully, we will laugh about it later!! One glitch was that somehow in the hustle and bustle of getting everything out to the food tables, we forgot to put napkins on the food table! Yikes!! LOL!! I realized it about 20 minutes into the reception and scurried off to the kitchen for some napkins. I had bought some really nice napkins, they just didn't get from the kitchen to the food tables.

I also wondered if there are some folks who always arrive early at such functions. I came around the corner 25 minutes before time to start, taking something to the food tables and there stood a friend of my new son-in-law. Twenty five minutes early! I still was in my fuzzy house shoes!! I expected people to start arriving 10-15 minutes early, but 25 was a bit too early I thought. Oh well, I sent hubby to talk to him.

I never realized how strong a scent that stargazer lilies have until I took all those lilies home that we had on all the tables. I think my house smells like a funeral parlor!! But, gosh they sure are pretty!

I spent the day Sunday, on my tush resting my poor feet and working on my applique block for the DFW Quilt Gang Challenge. I did get it finished and in the mail yesterday to Debi. I had to get that finished as the deadline was fast approaching.

Make it a great day everyone!


Debi said...

Jan, glad to hear you recovering nicely from your daughter's reception. I will be looking for your blocks in the mail in the next day or so.

JanJ said...

Yep, they are on their way to you! I hope you like them!

Jan said...

JanJ--glad the reception went so well--it looked lovely--hope your feet recovered by the time you had to go to work on Monday!!!! Congrats on getting your blocks for the challenge done!

JanJ said...

Thank you, Jan. My feet hadn't quite recovered on Monday, but luckily I get to sit a lot at work. They are all fine now though.

swooze said...

Ah yes the feet! You need to find someone to massage your feet! My favorite!

JanJ said...

Oh, I should have thought to ask DH to massage them.