Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dancing With the Stars........or Not

Is anyone out there in blogland watching the show this season?? I am actually watching it this time around. I have seen bits of it each season, but I got it from the first episode this season. I am enjoying it too! I sure wish I could dance like those pros.....they do such a great job! Who am I rooting for? Well, it's a toss-up still. I think that Wayne Newton definitely needs to GO.......he cannot dance! Mark Cuban is trying so hard that I am pulling for him to stay a while longer. I know he can't win, but he is putting a lot of effort into the show and I am amazed how well he is doing so soon after hip replacement. I think Helio will be the top guy. Of the girls......I am really pulling for Marie Osmond. I don't know if she can win against Cheetah girl, Sabrina but she is doing good. Jane Seymour is just so graceful and elegant. I don't think she'll win, but she looks good on the floor. Tell me who you want to win if you are watching.

I wish some cold weather would blast through here. I am ready for some cold!! Snow would be so awesome, but maybe a bit later in the season. :) I was thinking about firewood today and wishing it would turn cold enough to start the woodstove.

I still haven't taken another pic of the little wallhanging, but hopefully I'll get that done sometime this weekend then I can show it to all of you. :)

Ok, make it a great evening everyone!


Kathy Wagner said...

I agree with all of your comments.
I like to watch this with my daughter...while I work on my hand stitching. I had to laugh when I was so excited to see Donny and Jay in the audience, and my daughter said "Who are the Osmonds anyway"?

JanJ said...

I know....I told my husband "look there's Donny and Jay in the audience." He hadn't even noticed, I don't think. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it and it's nice to have a new blogland friend. :)

Debi said...

Jan, I don't watch DWTS, but I would love to learn how to dance like they do. How is the quilting coming along? Any new projects? I look foward to seeing you on 12/1.

Sewbaby said...


I too am watching Dancing this season.
Wayne seems like he is made of wood, nothing moves...his entire body is stiff...face and all!
Sabrina is going to be tough to beat....she is young and very determined.
I love to watch Jane also...you are so right she is very graceful.


JanJ said...

If I could dance half as well as those guys do, I'd be happy. But, oh well......it's fun watching them. I did see a new project that I want to start, but I really am trying to make myself finish some old ones first. I am looking forward to 12/1 also. Have a great evening!

JanJ said...

I am not too sad that Wayne left last night. He truly could not dance. You are right about Sabrina...........she has youth on her side and she is determined. She may be the winner! Thanks for stopping by my blog!