Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thread Chest Arrived!

Well, my Madiera Aerofil thread chest arrived! I was so excited to get it! So many spools of thread and so many beautiful colors! I couldn't wait to open it and fondle all that lovely thread. Know what I mean?? LOL!! However, after I got it opened and was admiring the thread, I noticed that they are 100% polyester. Bummer!! I haven't used polyester thread in my quilts in years. What to do?? I am hoping that someone in blogland will have used this thread and have a positive experience to relay to me. Please?? I posted this on a quilt forum that I visit, but so far only one person has responded and she has never used this brand of thread. So.......I am hoping for more response from blogland, plus it gives me an entry for my blog. :) Here are a couple pics of all that lovely thread.

I hope everyone in blogland had a very Happy New Year and that you get lots and lots of quilt projects finished in 2008. DH and I spent a quiet day at home yesterday, watched one movie and I sewed on string blocks. I was on vacation over the holidays, so it's back to work today. Ugh! But, at least I am able to work and I have a job.

Happy New year everyone and make it a great day!


Beth said...

I have not use the Madeira poly thread but I use poly alot on my longarm and have no trouble at all machine quilting with it. I do not piece with anything but 100% cotton, but I quilt with poly, cotton and rayon witout any problems.

I do use Madiera all the time for machine embroidery and it is wonderful for that!

Good luck!

JanJ said...

Thank you for your response, Beth! I do appreciate it. That is interesting to know. Perhaps I will be able to use this thread in machine quilting as I do plan to learn to machine quilt on this new machine. :) I only piece with 100% cotton also and what little quilting I have done I have used 100% cotton or metallic thread. I will make a table runner or something to try it out on soon. Thanks again!