Friday, January 4, 2008

New Project for 2008

Well, I said I was not going to start any new projects this year until I finished some UFO's that I need to finish. Ok......that was before I saw this:

It is so beautiful and I love blue and yellow quilts. So, I am going to work this in amongst the UFO's I need to finish. I will still work on UFO's.....I plan to make a major dent in them in 2008, but I might just need a little diversion now and then and this beauty will fit the bill.

I think I have plenty of blue and yellow fabric also without any shopping, but if I need to shop I can do that too! I also plan to use up some stash (although I do not have a big stash , contrary to DD's beliefs) so that I can get some new stuff this year. I bought very little fabric last year, but I still have some that I need to use up, even if it goes into string blocks.

I guess I better get off here and go get busy doing some housework so that I can sew some today! Make it a great day everyone!!



Jan said...

What a beautiful quilt--will you do it by hand or on your new machine?

Debi said...

I am working on this one also. You know how much I love blue/yellow. I actually cut out the templates and tonight will cut out the fabric and machine applique them. I would love to see your block when you are finished.

Sheryl said...

Jan, I think I'm going to do that BOM, too. Will you be practicing your hand applique or using your wonderful new machine?

JanJ said...

I am thinking I will do it with my new machine, Jan. That quilt is beautiful, isn't it?

JanJ said...

I haven't gotten started on it yet, but hope to this week. I love blue/yellow quilts also and one of my UFO's is a blue/yellow quilt. I will post pics when I am finished with each block. I hope to see yours too!

JanJ said...

I think I'll do this one on my new machine, Sheryl. I also have all that Madiera thread to use too! But, I may do one machine and one hand applique in a different colorway. That thought did cross my mind. I would love to see your blocks as you finish them.