Sunday, September 23, 2007

What a Week.......or 2 Weeks!!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. The last 2 weeks have been extremely busy for me and I just didn't have time or the energy. :) I got through the 1st week of training to transition to a new software application at work. I started off last Monday, bright and early to catch up on my "real" job and it turned out to be almost surreal. Nothing and I mean nothing was going right or working right. We have some very old office equipment, one of which is a 20 year old dot matrix printer. This printer decided this week to finally die! Arrrghhhh!! Why this week? Ok, after taking 200 or 300 deep breaths, I had to find a way to work around this. Bright idea!! Download some "fill in yourself" forms from the Internet!! This was a workable solution, but oh soooooooo slow when you have to manually type in all that information on each patient. I knew there was no way the printer was going to be replaced, especially since we are going to a whole new system in Dec. So, I proceeded to try to catch up. Then, I got sick.............nasty old stomach virus which caused me to have to stay home for 2 days, fretting over how behind I was and knowing the trainers will be back this week!! But, you simply can't go to work barfing, so home I was. I went in Friday since I was feeling better so I could get some more done. I am usually off on Fridays, but have worked the last few. When I got home Friday night (and it was night) my poor Buddy had been sick all over my bedroom! He has been feeling really good, so I was very surprised. My wonderful husband had cleaned it all up. I had to get up several times Friday night to let Buddy out as he continued to be sick. But, thankfully he is feeling better today. Did I mention that on top of all of this, I have also been taking care of a wedding reception that my husband and I are hosting for our youngest daughter, Courtney who got married in July. So many details. My head is spinning and my body is tired, but next Saturday we will have the reception behind us and maybe life will slow down then. I am very thankful for my good friend, Sherrie who is a whiz with flowers and decorating and she is helping me with the reception. But, I looked at a million tablecloths, table toppers, runners and centerpieces I know! Sherrie works for a place that does showrooms for companies and is able to get all the tablecloths and table runners we are using at a very reduced rate. She is also making all the centerpieces and is decorating the bride's cake with fresh flowers. What a gal!!

I do have some work done on my applique Challenge Block. I still have a few days (thank God) and may well be the last one finished. :) I will get it done though! I do like the design I chose and can't wait to post pics when it is finished and all our turned in.

Ok, that's all for now. I gotta go get ready for church and after church we are going to Sam's to but a ton of stuff for the reception next Saturday.

Make it a great day!!


Debi said...

You sound so very busy. I hope the reception goes well. I am sorry to hear you were ill.

JanJ said...

Thanks, Debi! I had a better day at work today and after Saturday, things should be a lot slower. Buddy is feeling better too, so that helps a lot!

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